Date:October 27, 2020

MCC Project Construction Donation Store

The Madinah Community Center Construction Project Donation Store is now available.

This newly created store displays various materials and equipment being used for construction of the new masjid and allows you to donate the amount required to purchase that item.  This is a great way to encourage family and friends from other communities to donate to our project.



Each item in the store is listed in the construction plans.

Except for prayer spaces, the cost for each item is the retail value found at the time of posting it online.

Any items which costs over $5,000 has been broken into $5,000 shares.

Each item has an online stock equal to the number shown in the construction plans.

Once the item is donated enough times to fill the construction requirements it will show as out of stock.

Exact models may vary if the item is discontinued before purchase.

New items will be continually added as construction continues so make sure to keep checking back to see if there are any new items that catch your eye.


We encourage our community to browse the store and donate items with the knowledge that you will see those items when construction is completed. Encourage your family and friends from other communities to help as well.

Together we can help to finish this project for the sake of Allah, inshallah.