Social Committee

The Social Committee consists of a group of volunteers from different ethnic groups across the community. The goal of the Social Committee is to bring the Madison Muslim community together through different activities such as quarterly dinners, Eid parties, summer picnics, and other events as needed. In each event efforts are made to provide activities for all age groups—like soccer for the older kids and other games for the younger children. Food for each event is provided either by volunteers from the community or by the MCC staff and volunteers. In addition to these activities the Social Committee also organizes the two Eid prayers every other year, alternating years with the Islamic Center in downtown Madison.

The Muslim community in Madison came together for an unprecedented number of events during 2014.  The year of gathering kicked off early with a community dinner held at the Tuscany Mediterranean Grill.  Leaders from all of the three Mosques in Madison were invited to come and share their plans for the year and receive appreciation and gratitude from the community for the work they do to continually support the Madison Community.

The spring brought with it a community gathering in April held in the Alliant Energy Center focused on the Muslim youth.  Various guest speakers were invited to encourage the youth and their parents of the importance of coming together as well as keeping an eye on their futures.

A picnic was held on Watts road in June to commemorate the conclusion of another year of Qur’an Memorization for our youth classes.  Crowds of people gathered to hear the students recite what they had learned during the previous year and chow down on flame broiled burgers and chicken.

The three masajid of Madison came together for Eid al-Fitr at Elver Park on Madison’s west side just a few weeks later.  Awards were presented for those who participated in the Qur’an Memorization Competition held during Ramadan.  Bounce houses were set for small children to spend the day jumping while the teens and adults tried their luck at various sporting events.

Lastly, an autumn picnic on Watts road celebrated the holiday of Eid al-Adha where groups from several different ethnic backgrounds each brought their own flavorful dishes to be enjoyed by all.  The October weather cooperated which allowed us to bid the season a farewell before getting ready for the Wisconsin winter.