Zakat, a prescribed charity, is the third of five pillars in Islam. Allah (glorious, most high) has decreed for Muslims who qualify to pay 2.5% of their annually accumulated wealth to support those in need. The giving of zakat not only sustains those who are financially impoverished but also acts as a purification for one’s wealth.

Some benefits of giving zakat include:

  • Purifies on from selfishness, arrogance, and greediness
  • Reminds one of the blessings of Allah
  • Trains one to be compassion to the poor and needy
  • Closes the gap between different socio-economic classes and is a form of social security
  • Reduces extreme poverty and insures a level of equality by making it obligatory upon the rich to share a small part of their wealth with the less fortunate
Donate Zakat

A person whose annually accumulated wealth does not meet a minimum amount is not required to give zakat, but instead, is permitted to receive money from the collected zakat.

As an Islamic institution, the Madinah Community Center regularly collects and distributes zakat and other charitable donations to the needy. If you feel you qualify to receive financial aid or would like to request to be considered to receive financial aid, please complete the linked application form below and place it in the zakat donation slot in the masjid, give to an MCC representative, or email to

You can also mail the request form to:
Madinah Community Center
4718 Hammersley Rd
Madison WI, 53711

Financial Aid Request Form

If you would like to ask a question about paying or collecting zakat you may do so by using the contact form below.

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