August 19th, 2016

Project Update
We are still in the process of soliciting bids from contractors and construction companies in Madison. This past weekend we met with a representative of Advanced Building Corporation who has shown interest in our project. We should be receiving a proposal from them in the next few weeks.

If anyone in the community has a suggestion for a contractor or has a special connection with a company that would be helpful to the community, please email

Masjid Us-Sunnah Renovations
We are happy to inform you that members of our community have made donations to repaint and carpet the Masjid Us-Sunnah. These renovations will begin in the near future and take several weeks to complete. During this time there may be periods where certain rooms will be unavailable or when there will be people working to complete this large undertaking. We ask everyone to be careful and understanding while the renovations are completed.

We would like to thank those who are donating these renovations to the house of Allah and those people who are completing the work to put these changes in place.

Fundraising for the new Masjid
The fundraising committee is eagerly recruiting members of the community to help search for funds to support the new masjid project. Our current goal is to reach to Muslim communities outside of Madison and Wisconsin and share the opportunity of building a house of Allah with other Muslims.

We are working with professional fundraisers to help accomplish this but to make sure we are successful in reaching the widest number of people possible we need help from everyone in our community, especially those with connections with other Muslim communities.

Reaching out and communicating with other communities is a large task that requires several volunteers. If you would like to volunteer in this effort in any way or have connections with another community, please let us know by emailing This is a great opportunity to help build a house of Allah.

Ongoing Lectures
We would like to remind our community of the regular lectures, halaqa, and programs that take place on the weekends in the Masjid Us-Sunnah.
– Friday after Maghrib – Halaqa
– Saturday 1:30pm – New Muslim Orientation
– Saturday after Maghrib – Tafsir of the Qur’an
– Sunday 2pm – Sister’s only Lecture
– Sunday after Maghrib – Question and Answer

Alhamdulillah, there are many opportunities for members of our community to gain Islamic knowledge from a reliable source.

To view an active calendar of events happening in the community including all our classes, programs, and activities: go to