Our community has had a separate Muslim graveyard for many years but has always relied on other public facilities to prepare the dead to be buried. In September 2016 the three Islamic centers of Madison launched a program to build a funeral facility to serve all Muslims in the greater Madison area.

This new licensed facility, located at the Islamic Center of East Madison; contains a cold storage room, wash room, and all other required faculties normally found in a funeral facility. It offers a very low cost solution for Muslim families to prepare their recently deceased while ensuring to uphold Islamic traditions and values.


Building Construction Completed

Construction of the new funeral facility began in October 2016 and completed in February 2017.funeral-wallsfuneral-walls2

Funds are still required to cover interest free loans given by the community to cover the cost of completion.

To donate, mail checks made to:
The Islamic Center of East Madison
4002 Lien Rd
Madison WI, 53704

Or donate online (http://islamiccenterofeastmadison.com/donate/)

For any question regarding the funeral facility project or for funeral arrangements, please complete the form below.

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